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The workshop on strip-till system possibilities in Polish agriculture was held in Osiny Experimental Farm on 22th September 2015.

The meeting was moderated by IUNG-PIB Executive Director Prof. Wiesław Oleszek. Dr Jerzy Kozyra presented recommended low-carbon farming practices. Professor Jan Kuś indicated the pros and cons of diffrent tillage systems. Prof. Dariusz Jaskulski (University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz) showed results of several years of studies on strip-till system. Mr Marek Różniak, one of the Polish pioneers of the system, shared his knowledge and experience in this matter and provided a number of learning practices from his own farm.

After the meeting, there was a demonstration of the system, attended by farmers, researchers, advisors, agri-business and representatives of the key agricultural media in Poland - overall over 100 people.