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IUNG-PIB - Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - State Research Institute

Project Coordinator (Project Office) - Led by Professor Wiesław Oleszek


The broad range of IUNG-PIB activities comprises crop production, soil science and fertilisation, as well as recognition and protection of agricultural areas against various forms of degradation.

The Institute's modern facilities include a Central Laboratory of Chemical Analyses and the Conference and Training Centre, where education and training activities as well as international conferences are held. The most important IUNG’s facility is Innovation and Science Centre for Agricultural Research (INCBR), created in 2015.

IUNG-PIB provides policy support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MRiRW). The scope of IUNG-PIB activities are directed both to scientific research and to elaboration of decision support systems for farmers and policy makers. The most significant scientific achievements are: a unique system of soil classification including erosion and agroclimatic description, as well as the principles of crop production systems and farms organisation. The most meaningful applicable approaches are soil numerical maps, delimitations of the LFA and NVZ areas in Poland and also the establishment of the Polish Code of Good Agricultural Practice, relevant to the EU standards and regulations, and several decision support systems for different management options. The research output of the IUNG-PIB is forwarded to the farmers through a net of agricultural advisory centres. The Institute is also very active in working for administration and local authorities. On the behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, IUNG-PIB provides Geographic Information System (GIS) based drought monitoring system for Poland and estimation of weather-related risk for crop yields. During the BIOB project, IUNG had identified areas suitable for specific crops based on spatial modelling of crop development and growth driven by climate and soil conditions in the growing areas by using GIS.


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GA-ZAP - Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Puławy S.A.


Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Puławy SA (GA ZAP SA) brand mark provides the highest standards in every dimension of its activity. It is also oriented towards respecting its tradition and the principle of simplicity. Even in our rapidly changing and increasing modern world’s complexity it is the simplicity which remains the source of effectiveness and strength of the Grupa. Grupa’s strategy contains not only targets or economic indices but also rules and regulations of sustainable development which are care for the environment and local communities. Grupa actively participates in efforts to care for the environment. Principles of "product stewardship” have been implemented to the European fertilizer industry. It means responsibility for the product. This responsibility extends to the entire process, which starts from selection of raw materials, through the fertilizers production to its efficient use in agriculture. This responsibility consequently affects the production of safe and healthy food i.e. food security. These principles are promoted by both the Fertilizer Europe (formerly - European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association, EFMA) and the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA).

GA ZAP SA is the largest Polish and one of the largest European chemical company, offering recognizable fertilizers’ brands. It also produces caprolactam, melamine and other chemicals. Grupa’s offer expands on hydrogen peroxide produced in Puławy and stearin, produced in Puławy’s subsidiary Chorzów. Its modern technologies are used all over the world. The main core of the GA ZAP SA offer are nitrogen fertilizers (Urea, AN, and liquid UAN®), nitrogen- sulphur fertilizers (AS and UAN®S) and phosphoric and multicomponent fertilizers (facilities in Gdańsk). Grupa produces NOXy™ (32,5% water urea solution, obtained from technically pure urea and demineralised water. Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Puławy SA has been listed on the Stock Exchange since 2005. During years of operation several important innovations have been successfully implemented towards improvement of
energy efficiency and environmental impact minimization of manufacturing processes which led also to a reduction of its fertilizer products’ carbon footprint. The Company is particular about reasonable applications of its products, so that it takes part in several research and development projects having their effectiveness as main objectives. Precise methods for determination of carbon footprint within the whole value chain of nitrogen fertilizers products and their CHG certification with use of recommended management practices conform to strategic goals of the Company related to its social responsibility and will prove results of its numerous efforts undertaken within this scope of activities.

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IOŚ-PIB - Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute


The Institute's human resources is approx 200 employees and about 25% young scientists. Material resources: three accredited laboratories support the Institute’s R&D projects.
Namely: the Environmental Monitoring Laboratory works in the area of chemical and physical analyses of the quality of basic components of the environment; the Mobile Noise Laboratory conducts research on industrial, traffic, aircraft and impulse noise; the Borecka Forest Station for Integrated Environmental Monitoring conducts, inter alia, measurements of concentrations of ozone and other pollutants.

Organizational potential: Under commercial activity Institute, among others, carried out research, developed relevant methodology and issues expert opinions for different national and international entities concerning effects on environment of:
- plant protection products prior to their placing on the market and use in Poland (approx.300 opinions/a);
- organic and mineral-organic fertilizers during authorisation process carried out by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (approx. 20 opinions/a) and technical approvals of equipment for wastewater and sludge treatment (approx. 45 approvals/a).

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IA-PAN - Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences


The mission of the Institute of Agrophysics is the expansion of the boundaries of knowledge in the field of agrophysics, through conducting research of fundamental and applied character in the area of application of the exact sciences for solving current problems of the management and protection of the natural environment, of agriculture and food production, as well as participation in the transfer of knowledge to the economy and education of young cadre for the needs of science, practice and R&D centres. Human resources: 100 workers including 60 researchers representing various specializations: physics, physicochemistry, soil science, agricultural engineering, mechanics, mathematics, biology etc.




MRiRW - Ministry of Agriculture

- Ministry of Environment

KOBIZE - The National Centre for Emission Management

CDR - The Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów

Regional agricultural advisory centres

250 farms, representative for Poland

Farmers associations