Scientific workshops  under the title "Development of agricultural production in the context of climate change” were organised on 23rd June 2016 in the Agricultural Experiment Station IUNG-PIB in Werbkowice (Lubelskie voivodship).

The workshop was inaugurated by the director of AES Werbkowice, dr Piotr Kozera. The meeting was chaired by the deputy directors of IUNG-PIB, Prof. Teresa Doroszewska and Prof. Stanisław Krasowicz. In his speech Prof. Krasowicz underlined the role of Agricultural Experiment Stations in IUNG, which fulfil the function of innovation centres and the precursors of new technologies in their regions. Dr Robert Borek presented the origins and assumptions of the LCAgri project. Prof. Jan Kuś acquainted the participants with the problem of global warming and underlined the need of soil carbon accumulation, also in the agricultural context. Dr hab. Janusz Smagacz presented the results of multiannual field experiments in Poland with reduced tillage. Dr Krzysztof Dziuba from Grupa Azoty - Zakłady Azotowe Puławy discussed the pro-environmental practices of the company, and dr hab. Mariusz Matyka presented the plan of implementation of low-carbon cultivation technologies in AES IUNG.

After the lecture session there was a demonstration of agricultural machinery - mowers, tedders, rakes, and press. The employees of AES Werbkowice presented a collection of cereal varieties and the plots where agricultural experiments are conducted. The participants of the workshop were particularly interested in the sheepyard for a new Polish breed Wrober, obtained from crosses of the breeds Berrichon du Cher and Wrzosówka, which are bred in AES Werbkowice.

156 people participated in the workshop, including 75 local farmers, as well as agricultural consultants, representatives of agricultural companies and local administrative units, heads of local districts and the starost of hrubieszowski district, Mr. Józef Kuropatwa.